Today we remember and celebrate how our God reconciled us back to Him! It is through Jesus’ death on the cross that sin was paid and His rising from the grave that death was overcome! God did all of this because He wanted to have a relationship with His creation. God created us for relationship and that is a built in desire for most. The problem is that sin in our lives makes it hard to live together. Sin at it's core is when we live self-centered rather than by God's direction. So if we want to live life together we have to be intentional. God's Word gives us the direction to Build that Life Together as we trust Jesus as the Lord of our Life. Come worship with us this morning as we celebrate that the tomb is empty!

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Learning To Be Content Philippians 4:12 Pastor Daniel Cassels Sunday, 15 April 2018
What's A Family For? Pastor Daniel Cassels Sunday, 01 April 2018
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