After nearly 50 years of church ministry in Southern Baptist life, Pastor Bob Cassels has now changed where he ministers but not how! As Pastor Bob and his wife, Pat, travel up and down the west coast to see family they minister at every turn. During the winter and spring we are blessed to have him preach from time to time, passing on all those years of experience in walking with Christ.

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Believers in Jesus Christ are called to follow Him. This is not just to have Him lead us to a destination but to show us how to live as He did in our every day life! Jesus is our example in all we do. Let's walk together as we learn from Jesus our Example!

Where does your relationship stand with God? Are you even in a relationship with God? Some can say that they are not in a relationship with God because they have not done what the Bible says you need too in restoring that relationship that has been broken by sin. Others have committed their lives to let Jesus be the Lord of their lives but have not really trusted Him with their whole life. Now is the time to start a new with God! As we move towards Easter we will discover what it really means to start "A New Beginning With God!"

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