An atheist came to the conclusion that Jesus had to be one of three types of people: a liar, a lunatic or The Lord. After his personal study on the topic of Jesus he came to the conclusion that the only one viable conclusion could be made, Jesus was God in the flesh and He came to us as a demonstration of God’s Love. This person left his “no god” philosophy, and became one of the most quoted and read authors of the Christian faith; his name was C.S. Lewis.

Another unbeliever stated, “The idea of an all loving, all powerful, creator of the universe was stupid to me.” This person, having a background in journalism and law, took it upon himself to investigate the credibility of Christianity and the truth of Jesus Christ for a year and nine months. His conclusion was, “that in the light of the torrent of evidence flowing in the direction of the truth of Christianity, it would take more faith to maintain my atheism.” He continues by stating, “I would have to swim upstream against the evidence pointing toward the truth of Jesus Christ." As a result Lee Strobel gave his life to Christ on November 8th 1981.

Here at Life Way Fellowship we are about relationships, not religion. This idea stems from what Jesus stated when asked “what is the greatest commandment?” His response was that we are to love God and love one another. The many ideas of who Jesus was are diverse, as well as confusing. Our primary objective is to shed light on the subject through God’s word so as to provide clarity on what Jesus said and did, and who he was and is. Our hope is that you may come to know and live in the Love that is Christ Jesus our Lord.

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