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2 Samuel

Daniel Cassels

September 5, 2021


11 These things happened to them as examples, and they were written

for our instruction, on whom the ends of the ages, have come.

1 Corinthians 10:11


  1. VICTORY COMES OVER __________


4 “What was the outcome? Tell me,” David asked him. “The troops fled

from the battle,” he answered. “Many of the troops have fallen and are

dead. Also, Saul and his son Jonathan are dead.” 2 Samuel 1:4

Sometime later, David inquired of the Lord: “Should I go to one of the

towns of Judah?” The Lord answered him, “Go.” Then David asked,

“Where should I go?” “To Hebron,” the Lord replied. 2 Samuel 2:1

20 I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live, but Christ

lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of

God, who loved me and gave himself for me. Galatians 2:20

4 David was thirty years old when he began his reign; he reigned forty

years. 5 In Hebron he reigned over Judah seven years and six

months, and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty-three years over all Israel

and Judah. 2 Samuel 5:4–5


  1. VICTORY DOESN’T MEAN _________________


In the spring when kings march out to war, David sent Joab with his

officers and all Israel. They destroyed the Ammonites and besieged

Rabbah, but David remained in Jerusalem. 2 One evening David got

up from his bed and strolled around on the roof of the palace. From

the roof he saw a woman bathing—a very beautiful woman. 3 So

David sent someone to inquire about her, and he said, “Isn’t this

Bathsheba, daughter of Eliam and wife of Uriah the Hethite?” 4 David

sent messengers to get her, and when she came to him, he slept with

her. Now she had just been purifying herself from her uncleanness.

Afterward, she returned home. 5 The woman conceived and sent word

to inform David, “I am pregnant.” 2 Samuel 11:1–5


So David now has this double sin of adultery and murder. This is the

man whom God had chosen to be the ancestor of the Lord Jesus. We

may wonder how a man like David could do this. Many have asked,

"How could God ever overlook a thing like this?" 2 Samuel 11:9–11


  1. SIN HAS ______________________


10 Now therefore, the sword will never leave your house because you

despised me and took the wife of Uriah the Hethite to be your own

wife.’ 11 “This is what the Lord says, ‘I am going to bring disaster on

you from your own family: I will take your wives and give them to

another before your very eyes, and he will sleep with them in broad

daylight. 2 Samuel 12:10–11

12 You acted in secret, but I will do this before all Israel and in broad



13 David responded to Nathan, “I have sinned against the

Lord.” Then Nathan replied to David, “And the Lord has taken away

your sin; you will not die. 14 However, because you treated the Lord

with such contempt in this matter, the son born to you will die.” 2

Samuel 12:12–15a

19 As many as I love, I rebuke and discipline. So be zealous and

repent. Revelation 3:19

7 Don’t be deceived: God is not mocked. For whatever a person sows

he will also reap, 8 because the one who sows to his flesh will reap

destruction from the flesh, but the one who sows to the Spirit will reap

eternal life from the Spirit. Galatians 6:7–8


  1. BE WILLING TO REPENT & MAKE IT ____________


During David’s reign there was a famine for three successive years,

so David inquired of the Lord. The Lord answered, “It is due to Saul

and to his bloody family because he killed the Gibeonites.” 2 The

Gibeonites were not Israelites but rather a remnant of the Amorites.

The Israelites had taken an oath concerning them, but Saul had tried

to kill them in his zeal for the Israelites and Judah. So David

summoned the Gibeonites and spoke to them. 3 He asked the

Gibeonites, “What should I do for you? How can I make atonement so

that you will bring a blessing on the Lord’s inheritance?”

2 Samuel 21:1–3


6 Now without faith it is impossible to please God, since the one who

draws near to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards

those who seek him. Hebrews 11:6

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