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Running To God’s Call

The Fire Within & the Body Throughout


Daniel Cassels

October 26, 2014


(Jonah 1:1-17, Psalms 139:7-24, Jeremiah 20:9)


1. What is one thing that you know God is calling you to do but you are fleeing from?

2. How does knowing that God has called you for a specific purpose affect the way that you live every day?


1. Take the time to pray and ask God for His grace in order to obey what He has called you to do. Repent for disobeying and running away from His call if necessary.

2. Knowing that God has called you for a purpose, think and list down some attitudes and habits that you know are hindering you from walking into the purposes of God.

2. GETTING ________________ IS ONLY A CALL AWAY

(Jonah 2:1-10, Psalms 142:1-7, Psalms 18:4-6)


1. What difficult circumstances are you facing now? It could be the result of your own disobedience or just the circumstances of life. Do you believe God is near to you when you pray even in these situations?

2. Do you believe that Jesus can and will hear you when you cry out to Him? Are there sins that you feel still separate you from Him?


1. Take time to pray and ask God to be with you in whatever challenging situation you are in right now. Pray in faith knowing that He hears those who pray to Him.

2. If you are going through a difficult situation now, remember how Jesus intervened on your behalf. If not, take time today to encourage someone who is in a hard situation.

3. IT’S NEVER TO LATE TO BE THE ______________

(Jonah 3:1-4, 2 Corinthians 5:17-21, John 21:15-20)


1. When was the time you received a second chance? What was your response to it?

2. Are there times or situations that make you doubt that God can give you a second chance? How does Jonah’s example increase your hope that God can give you more than one chance?


1. Thank God now for His grace in giving us second chances.

2. Has God used someone to help you get that second chance? Take time now to thank that person. Send a message or talk to him/her in person.

4. YOUR TRUST IN GOD CAN BRING _____________________ IN OTHERS

(Jonah 3:5-10, Jeremiah 18:7-10, Philippians 2:9-11)


1. How different would your daily and weekly routine in your life be if you really believed that God is with you and that He would move powerfully in your life?

2. Think of your city. What kind of changes would you like to see God do there?


1. Take some time now to pray for your city. Pray for the salvation of your family and friends, for the leaders of your city. Pray that they will all come to know Jesus.

2. Share your faith with someone this week. It does not have to be long or dramatic. The important thing is to step out in faith and do it.

5. GOD’S LOVE FOR US ____________________ OUR LOVE FOR OTHERS

(Jonah 4:1-11, Matthew 9:9-13, John 3:16)


1. How has God shown you unconditional love? Do you remember how hopeless and helpless you were in sin apart from Him? How does this make you grateful?

2. Are there times that you are like Jonah—angry, irritated, and unloving to your lost friends and family? Why? How does Jesus’ unconditional love for you help you love them?


1. Thank God now for His love that never runs out and never gives up on us. Remember how terrible our sin was and how much greater God’s love is.

2. Let us practice Jesus’ command to love our enemies. Pray and ask God to give you one tangible action you can do for someone who has hurt you. Whatever it is, let us remember that Jesus gives us the ability to love because He first loved us.

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